Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Reflected light

It's hard not to have thoughts about the moon when it is full and hanging large and low in the sky.  That's how it was this morning.  By the way, after staring for some time at the shadows of the moon I have decided that there isn't a "man in the moon".  Instead I distinctly saw a jumbo shrimp curled up.  I guess "Shrimp in the moon" never had much marketing appeal.  But the thought I have has to do with the moon as a source of "reflected light" from the sun.  It's similar to the way we reflect the Lord to others.  It hit me that just as we really can't look for any time directly at the full intensity of the sun, we aren't prepared in this life to see God directly.  But we can see His reflection in the lives of those who know and love Him.  The full moon shines in bright contrast to the black night sky and we, too, can shine in stark (but attractive) contrast to a world that doesn't embrace the Lord.  When the sun rises, it fills, the sky with light and chases darkness to the next night.  Even so, as people are drawn to the Lord and find HIm, the darkness is chased from their lives. 
Shine on you who love the Lord!!
Psalm 139:12 even the darkness will not be dark to you;
                     the night will shine like the day,
                     for darkness is as light to you.
Rob Smith

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