Monday, April 16, 2007

Making history

Have you ever had the sense that all the really interesting things to happen have already happened?  Does it seem like history is the only home for great events like: the book of Acts, the earthly life of Jesus, the discovery of America by Columbus, the Declaration of Independence?  The feeling may even be heightened by our 400th anniversary celebration of the landing at Jamestown, being celebrated currently.  Lately I've been challenged to rethink the potential importance of the time in which we now live.  Consider the following: There are about 60 armed conflicts currently raging around the globe of which more than half are on the continent of Africa.  These days, over 90% of the casualties of conflict are civilians.  In our own country recent polls show 66-70% of the population feels our country is
"off track" or "headed down the wrong road".  On the issue of abortion, alone, the country is divided almost evenly between those favoring most abortions and those in opposition.  We live in a time when our purpose as a nation seems fuzzy, when for most of our 230 year history America shone in brilliant clarity for the noblest of human causes: 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". 
As believers in our Lord and Savior, Jesus, we have a cause to live for daily.  There is an ongoing war, with heavenly generals and spiritual origins, that is raging over the destiny of every human soul.  As we enter each day, we actually step onto a field of battle and at every level of relationship: our own lives, our families, our place of work and community, our country and our world there is fierce competition for hearts and minds.  The population of the world has doubled since I was a schoolboy.  Bottom line: there has never been a more important time or a larger challenge than the present to represent the life giving message of the Gospel to others. 
Someday, people will be amazed at the history of our time.  I hope they will be most amazed by the courageous lives of a small number willing to stand for truth and righteousness in a time when darkness and evil seem to be corroding our culture and polls show a majority prefer wrong to right.
Psalm 55
16 But I call to God,
       and the LORD saves me.

 17 Evening, morning and noon
       I cry out in distress,
       and he hears my voice.

 18 He ransoms me unharmed
       from the battle waged against me,
       even though many oppose me.

blessings for these historic times,
Rob Smith

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