Wednesday, July 9, 2008

buy low, sell high

These are the basic, familiar terms associated with successful investing...but this morning I thought of an application to people.  Michael Vick is the former all pro football quarterback who is serving out a 23 month prison sentence for sponsoring dog fighting.  He lost his multimillion dollar career, his reputation and his fortune.  The world has turned its back on him.  If he were a stock, you might say he had fallen to a very low value.  The Lord might say, "Ah, now I have him at a good price to buy".  Low points are often where we see how we can't make it on our own and we need help.  Michael was quoted at a recent bankruptcy filing: The suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback hopes he "can, after the conclusion of the bankruptcy case, rebuild his life on a personal and spiritual level, resurrect his image as a public figure, and resolve matters with the NFL such that he can resume his career," according to the filings.  It can be difficult to buy a stock that has been beaten down, even if it has great potential to rise...but this is just what savvy investors do.  It can be tempting to give up on people who have lost everything, but these are just the ones who are primed for the new life in Christ!


Psalm 116:6 The LORD preserves the simple;
         I was brought low, and He saved me.



Rob Smith

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