Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The iPOD music boxes have transformed compact and portable entertainment systems.  They were originally developed in less than one year by Apple Computer and have been extremely popular.  About half of Apple's revenue comes from iPOD sales and there are well over 100 million that have been sold.  I have noticed that a high percentage of folks you see walking and jogging are also wearing iPOD's.  I'm sure the portable music is meant to distract from the pain and physical demand of exercise.  But I was struck this morning that we have the music of heaven playing all the time and wearing an iPOD might block us from hearing it.  As great as the music storage is within an iPOD, it can't compare with the capacity or download speed of heaven.  There's no hard drive to crash or battery to recharge or replace.  When you put on your GPOD (heavenly iPOD) and ask the Lord to play, he uses a multimedia approach.  Heart, mind and spirit can be soothed, lifted and warmed as you are connected to the Lord in a totally wireless format.  Rather than being distracted from your surroundings, you find yourself connected to them by the One who has put it all together.  I'd encourage you to strap on your personal GPOD the next time you head out the door, for exercise or a casual stroll.


Song of Solomon 8:13 You who dwell in the gardens,
      The companions listen for your voice—
      Let me hear it!



Rob Smith

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