Sunday, September 14, 2008

at the speed of life

We are a fast-moving people and we are constantly trying to move faster.  I, myself, enjoy driving my little roadster with the top down on back country roads (hopefully not too fast!).  We like fast cars, fast planes, fast decisions and fast food.  We move on the fast track if at all possible and we prefer to walk through airports on floors that are already moving so we won't miss a connection to our next destination in a life where we hardly have time to catch a breath or read the comics on Sunday.  I had a chance to put my little 8 foot kayak in Richardson's Mill Pond a few times this weekend.  It's a small body of water that is somewhere between a pond and a lake in size.  I have seen herons, eagles and geese surrounding the pond and longed for the chance to get out there among them in the kayak.  You can't move very fast in a kayak, but you do move quietly.  Your speed is something like the speed of a relaxed duck.  But because it is quiet and slow I was able to get fairly close to some of the wildlife before they became nervous and flew away or slipped into the water.  I was so low to the water that I noticed the heads of turtles poking above the surface ahead of my, curious at this awkward intruder in their midst.  The overall sensation was very peaceful as I felt a "oneness" with God's creation on that pond.  It reminded me that even though the speed of light is the usual measure for moving fast, I'd rather travel a little slower, "at the speed of life".
Psalm 116:9 I will walk before the LORD In the land of the living.
Rob Smith

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