Monday, May 3, 2010


I have been intrigued with the possibility of getting one of these new "smartphones".  You know... the palm-sized phone with a screen that lets you connect to the internet, call anyone anywhere, play music, take pictures and even use for navigation.  It's like the ultimate information service and you can carry it in your pocket.  It seems you need three things for this device to be effective: a quality phone, a quality network and an array of quality applications.   One ad tells me I can "Discover the world around you: Find friends, things to do, and places to go."  Another phone promises: "You ask.  It knows.  It's a pint-sized power plant.  It's location-aware, Voice-recognizing, App-mashing, and multitasking.  And it will connect you to anyone or anything at breakneck speed."  It's just amazing how far and how fast technology has come.  Sometimes I feel like an analog person in a digital age.  But then I remember that I was introduced 38 years ago to a non-electronic information package that is actually far superior to the smart phones of today.  Instead of a "digital" format, this method uses a spiritual protocol.  My password was assigned for eternity when I realized that Jesus had bought me an eternal subscription to His heavenly network, when He died in my place.  I learned that I have instant access to Heaven's throne and God's ear whenever I call and the network has no "black out" areas or dead spots.  My calls won't be dropped.  The applications are limitless: answers to questions about truth and purpose, pictures of eternity, navigation through life and connection to a spiritual fellowship that is far beyond Facebook (might be called Lifebook).  This "Life Phone" came with an instruction book that seemed large and long at first (my Bible) but has proven invaluable to maximize the service.  I am used to the Family Plan I have on my cell phone that lets me call family members limitlessly, without charge.  My spiritual service is like that.  I can tap into Heaven for extended calls, with no additional charge.  Sometimes I forget how useful the spiritual network is and I neglect to call.  (Maybe that's cause I'm too busy thinking about my cell phone and these new smart phones).
Jeremiah 33: 3Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
Rob Smith

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