Wednesday, June 9, 2010

He desires your beauty

Psalm 45:11 So will the king desire your beauty; for he is your lord; be submissive and reverence and honor him.
Over the years I have been impressed with the time and care that my lovely wife takes to prepare for activities outside the home.  I consider her beautiful just as she is and always have felt that way, even without a dab of makeup or before a brush touches her hair.  But, unlike me, whose focus is to see how little time it takes to clean up and change...she is careful and thoughtful in her selection of clothes and she enhances her natural beauty with the modest use of fragrances and cosmetics.  And she does this not just for important social functions...she does it routinely...even before going to work each day!  I suppose women may be more conscious, in general, of their physical attractiveness.  This morning, as I read Psalm 45, I thought about my attractiveness to the Lord.  How much time and care do I put into my inner beauty...that the Lord...the lover of my soul...would be drawn to me.  Am I working on the appearance of my attitudes...are my actions and thoughts full of grace and loving care for I adorning my heart with the fragrance of worship and gratitude to my heavenly King?  If the Lord is looking about to spend time with one of his subjects...would He be drawn to me?  Do I want to be beautiful for Him?   I need to take time and care to consider and prepare my inner person, that He would enjoy our time together.
Psalm 45:15  With gladness and rejoicing will they be brought; they will enter the king's palace.
Rob Smith

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