Friday, June 25, 2010

the precious tree

I was driving home the other day and as I drove past a familiar yard I spotted my favorite tree.  This tree, like all trees, is made of wood but I have noticed that it can come in many sizes and even shapes.  It doesn't sprout pine needles or oak leaves and it doesn't run with sap.  Like other trees, it may be green, but it may come in many colors as well.  Most trees need the breath of wind to cause them to sway and move, but this tree doesn't need that help.  I suppose the best name for this tree is the "Children Tree".  It generally has a variety of swings, slides, ladders and forts that make up its branches.  But the motion of the tree always comes from its precious fruit, the children.  They hang off the tree from every angle and because of the energy they generate, this tree doesn't need chlorophyll or sap to come to life.  The Children Tree is the most precious tree because it is where the next crop of adults will come from...who will one day drive by in their cars and smile.

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