Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The right path

Psalm 5:8 Lead me, O LORD, in Your righteousness because of my enemies;
         Make Your way straight before my face.
This morning I swathed myself in bug repellent and trudged into the woods to a favorite spot on a small manmade pond.  It had been awhile since I'd gone for a walk alone with the Lord and I was confident that there wouldn't be much human contact as I headed out.  I thought about the fact that there was little to think about but where to put my next step as I headed through thickly wooded spaces and crossed a small swamp (with boots on, fortunately).  I reached the pond and looked hopefully across the water, wanting to spy a heron or some geese.  But my only visible companion was a turtle, who was spying on his above-water world while his upturned bowl of a body floated just below the surface.  And even he quickly dove out of sight...perhaps after spotting me.  I opened the Bible and read Psalms 1 through 5.  The key thought that struck me from those ancient passages was that we are meant to feed our minds and find our direction by close association with God instead of close association with men.  It's not that we aren't to associate with men, but that our direction...our path...should be found from Him and not from them.  And then I read Psalm 5, verse 8.  "Make Your way straight before my face" jumped off the page.  I realized that most of the time I'm concerned about finding "my way" (lower case 'm').  I even seek the Lord to find "my" way.  This passage spoke to my heart that it's not about finding "my" way....It's about finding "His" way.  He has a way that He wants to make straight and clear for me to walk.  From now on, as I walk through the woods (of trees and of daily issues) I want to lean in on the Lord so that I can find His straight path.  Then I know i won't be lost.
blessings from the swamp,
Rob Smith

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