Friday, July 16, 2010

revelation drives relationship

Luke 10:21b "You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants.  Yes, Father, for this was well-pleasing in Your sight."
We like to think that we are in control, as individuals and as a human race.  Our science and knowledge tackles disease, conquers space, and sometimes even caps rogue oil wells.  We have a sense that, if we don't understand something it's just a matter of time before we figure it out.  But there are great oceans of knowledge that are beyond "figuring out" because they are beyond the observation of our senses and our minds.  The Kingdom of God is that way.  Jesus sent 70 disciples out in pairs to do miracles of healing and to announce His coming.  They came back and reported that they had been succesful beyond their dreams...even casting out demons.  Jesus explained that this was so because He had given them this authority.  He went on to explain that the great wonders of Heaven have been hidden from men for thousands of years but that God was starting to pull back the curtain and reveal the wonder of His Kingdom and power.  Interestingly, God chooses to reveal Heaven to His Son and to those who the Son desires.  It isn't a function of our science, our striving, our collective body of knowledge and wisdom.  But Jesus told the disciples that the greatest truth was not that they were tasting or seeing Heaven while still on earth...the greater truth was that their "names are recorded in heaven."  We cannot force the revelation of God...we can only respond to His love extended through our trust in His Son.  This is how our names can also be added to Heaven's book.  The revelation of God's great love for us is the greatest knowledge of all.
Rob Smith

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