Tuesday, February 28, 2012

now and then

Every now and then I come to you and find that you are there...
For every time of day is now...
And then is everywhere.

It's always now when I look up and now when I am down...
But then, you knew just where I was and why..and what...and how...

You're standing silently beside and waiting still within...
Until I turn to see you now,
and let your love light in.

For every now that I make yours
Leads to a promise kept,

Then I will know as I am known
Such joy each time we've met.

When now I come and now I know
and now I grasp your hand,

Then I will be restored, refreshed
and I will understand...

That you desire my every now to be forever yours
Then we will be forever one

And now and then are joined.

(dedicated to Jesus!)

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