Friday, May 4, 2012

Direct contact

There is no reason to go down to the pond in the reason to get something done or any chore to complete.  There is no certainty or knowledge of what will be found there.  I hadn't been down to the pond in some time but I went this morning.  Two words had been running through my mind for the past week: "direct contact".  I have been thinking about the "direct contact" that we can have with God....the kind of contact that doesn't require any other person, any other actions, or any in between steps.  Direct contact with God has been made possible because I have been "bought back" by Jesus and brought back by His outstretched Spirit.  Now it is possible for my thoughts to run alongside His thoughts and my heart to be caressed by His touch...directly.  The pond is one place where I can go...not for my reasons or purposes...but to experience that touch from Him.  And we have direct contact with Him when we read His Word with an openness to hear Him and when we respond in sincere action and with honest speech to Him.  

Direct contact...I think this is what it really is all about.

Matthew 17:Then Jesus came over and touched them. "Get up," he said."Don't be afraid."


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