Saturday, July 21, 2012

summer pond-ering

Patience reveals subtle truth.  Standing by the pond this morning it seemed, at first, as if nothing was going on.  No eagle or heron gorgeous rays of sun streaming through leafy branches...just a quiet, peaceful morning.  As I stood pond-side for several minutes, however, I saw that the pond surface was frequently disturbed as fish were gobbling insects on the water's surface or jumping just below.  I realized that beneath the visible table of water was a teeming body of life that was going about its business with great's just that most of it was out of my vision.  It occurred to me that life is happening all around, even in places that aren't immediately visible.  Perhaps the greatest activity of life is also the least apparent...the activity of the heart and mind that moves just below the surface of everyone...something to pond-er...

Job 32:
But there is a spirit within people,
    the breath of the Almighty within them,
    that makes them intelligent.

Rob Smith 

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