Monday, October 21, 2013

the open view

Large, open vistas are often beautiful settings for reflection...when you can see lots of sky, and maybe a distant mountain...or bright night star. But when you are running, a large open vista can be difficult! The last several Saturday mornings I have gone for a five mile jog at the Diascund Reservoir in New Kent County. I like to run there because it is relatively flat. The first mile of the job is open, with a broad view of the reservoir and sky above. When I begin I find this openness an encouragement. Then the road disappears into thick woods and some hills increase the challenge a bit. Once I leave the open setting of the reservoir the close proximity of trees helps me focus on the next steps and the short vision of what lies just ahead. This is often a good time to pray and just listen to the Lord. But as I return, out of the woods, to run the final mile in open sky I can see the finish line of the parking lot way ahead. In this case I don't appreciate the broad view because it seems to take forever to actually complete the run. It's almost as if I can see too much for too long. The thought occurred that maybe this is why we don't see all of Heaven now...maybe this is why we don't see all of the Father and the throne and the streets of gold and the crystal sea and all that is in Heaven now. If we could actually see all those beautiful things that lie ahead of us now...I wonder if it would make it that much harder to finish. It would be hard to focus on the "next steps" of this life if I could clearly see Heaven with my eyes now. It is probably better for me to put one foot in front of the other and jog with Lord close at hand in these days!
Rob Smith

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