Thursday, November 21, 2013

news and weather

Watching the local news on TV can be depressing. It seems that violent crime and its consequences are headlined almost every day. The sports can be a little lighter, unless your favorite team isn't having a winning season. But the weather is a unique segment that is refreshingly distinct from the rest of the program. All of the rest of the local news is focused on what has already happened. The Weather does some of that, too, but then moves on to predicting the future! We aren't very good about predicting the future,in specific ways, in almost any aspect of life. We may have a pretty good idea of what lies ahead of us at the beginning of the day, but we really can't say how it will unfold specifically. But, with the weather, our science is pretty good. The range of temperatures, the presence of precipitation, the degree and direction of wind are pretty accurately forecasted for several days at a time. When we step into the day we can have pretty good confidence that the weather predicted will be the weather experienced. We would like to know how other aspects of our day and our life will unfold, but we generally cannot. If we knew what was going to happen ahead of time we might not feel the need to depend on the Lord or to build a relationship of trust. We cherish the promises of the Lord for salvation and restored relationship to Him so that we can live and move in the sure care of His hands. We have confidence in the ultimate future for our lives and we are confident that as we rely on Him the unknowns of our future days will be directed by Him. It may be good to consider that it's not so much where we are going, as how we are travelling, and with whom.
Acts 17:28 For in him we live, and move, and have our being;
Rob Smith

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