Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I have enjoyed pirate stories...from Peter Pan and Captain Hook...to tales about Black Beard...even to the Pirates of the Caribbean. The adventure, danger and triumph of good over evil (usually) are appealing themes. There usually is a treasure chest filled with gold involved in the story and a map to locate the goods! It occurred to me that we have a Treasure and we have a Map as believers in God. Psalm 119 paints a picture of one who has found the treasure and who clings to the map, even after finding it. The treasure is the direct and very personal relationship with God, Himself, and the communication and revelation that God provides to the believer. It turns out that the treasure and the map are closely related. The map of God's Word guides us into right paths, provides understanding into the mind of God, keeps our ways right and pure, delivers us from danger and, most of all, forms the core of our relationship with God on a personal level. God's Word is how He talks to us in the most personal of ways and we speak to Him in prayer, lifting our needs and responding to His revealed truth with praise. I believe that there are spiritual pirates who would distract us from the Map of God's Word and try to provide other, false maps. So we need to wrap the map of the Lord around our hearts and let it fill our minds. For the Map is the Word of God and the Treasure is the precious intimacy we have with the Writer...who gives us understanding and walks into our lives each day!
Psalm 119:162 I rejoice in your word like one who discovers a great treasure.
blessings and treasures of understanding!
Rob Smith

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