Monday, February 17, 2014

building God's house

It is fascinating to read the account of Solomon building the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem (2 Chronicles). The very idea that men could build a place with their hands that the God of Heaven could reside within is a very awesome concept. When the construction was complete, a highlight of the process was returning the Ark of God to the Most Holy Place in the Temple. (2 Chronicles 5:7 Then the priests carried the Ark of the Lord's Covenant into the inner sanctuary of the Temple-the Most Holy Place-and placed it between the wings of the cherubim.) It had taken the work of well over 100,000 skilled laborers to construct the Temple and it had taken about 7 years. It's interesting that many of these workers were foreigners who were pressed into service to build the great house. The Temple was large but not anything like a modern skyscraper. It's basic dimensions were 30 feet in width by 90 feet in length. But it wasn't the size that was so costly and labor was the contents. The fine stonework, panelling and gold overlay for everything...incredibly detailed, elaborate and precious. When all was completed they held an amazing service of consecration and celebration with hundreds of musicians and priests playing instruments and singing. And God showed up: 2 Chronicles 5:13/14 At that moment a thick cloud filled the Temple of the Lord. The priests could not continue their service because of the cloud for the glorious presence of the Lord filled the Temple of God.
It is awesome to think that man could build a house for God. And in these days following the resurrection of Jesus it is awesome to consider that we who have trusted in the Savior have become the house of God...His Temple...How wonderful that His presence would fill our Temple!
Rob Smith

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