Friday, March 28, 2014

closer to Heaven

Older believers are closer to Heaven...On average, the oldest believers among us are closer to transitioning from body to spirit and into the direct presence of the Lord. What a treasure our senior saints are! They have been through most of life's battles...growing up, helping others grow up, dealing with sickness and loss, making decisions and coping with success and failure, learning of the Lord and seeing the limits of self and pride.
As I watch the video tapes of the Mini Bible lessons that Dick Woodward taught 25-30 years ago and the camera pans across the audience I notice that most of the students are retirement age. As I look across my class each Sunday I also see mostly senior folks. It is the ones among us with some wear on the tires, with some creases in our skin, who have exchanged our original hair color for gray (or another of our choosing)...if we still have hair at all...These are so often the ones who have the focus and the hunger to keep learning and keep growing the Spirit within.
What a resource our senior church is! Our culture wants to run past them and say they are irrelevant...but they are a deep well to us all.
Maybe it really is because they are...Closer to Heaven!
With love to all,
Rob Smith

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