Monday, April 7, 2014

all day long

So it's a rainy, Monday morning and the work week stretches out like the ocean to an unseen horizon. But, it occurred to me as I thought about the Lord...I get to spend the whole day with Jesus! From those first moments of awakening, when I spoke with Him and thought about Him, through all the unknowns and familiar routines of the day ahead, He will be with me and I can remember that I am with Him too! At any point along the way I can look to Him and pray and invite Him into whatever is going on. I listened to the book of Matthew this morning from the beginning through the Sermon on the Mount. Several things struck me and among them was the instant way that the early disciples left everything to follow Jesus as soon as He bid them to follow Him. They left their fishing boats, their source of income, their family members, their communities...all that was familiar and routine just to follow Jesus. There was just something about Him that held the answers to those inner questions we all have. And it is still true today. He comes to us and asks us to follow Him through our days in a constant, companion-like relationship. He now only has the answers, He provides the best company!
Rob Smith

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