Tuesday, April 1, 2014

knowing about and knowing God

Job 42:5  I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.
Growing up we hear about God.  We may attend church where we hear a lot about God.  We are struck by the wonders of nature and Creation at times and we think about God.  The man Job had thought a great deal about God, both before all of his suffering, and especially during his time of suffering.  But there comes a time when, with the help and work of God within our inner person, that we move from hearing about God to experiencing God on the most personal of levels.  I think this is the most important aspect of maturity that a person can reach.  And, just like Job, until we "see him with our own eyes" and know Him and hear Him on a personal level we really haven't heard enough about Him.  And in Job's case (as in ours) whatever the experiences of life have been...they have been worth it if knowing Him is the result!
Rob Smith

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