Sunday, April 20, 2014

What is your response to Jesus?

Reading Matthew and the story of the final week of Jesus' life we see many different responses to Jesus. We see some very different responses by the same people during that time. We see a crowd that first welcomes Him with cries of Hosanna as he rode into Jerusalem on the donkey and then presumably some of the same crowd called out "Crucify Him!" when He was before Pilate. We see Peter, who insisted he would never deny Jesus and who actually tried to defend Him in the garden with his sword, but later denied Jesus three times. We see the men who were closest to Jesus for three years abandon Him when Jesus is taken into custody. We see priests who supposedly represent truth and righteousness looking eagerly for witnesses to testify falsely to manipulate a sentence of death for Jesus. We see Jesus, Himself, feeling as alone as can be and crying out to the Father to ask why He has been abandoned. We see two Mary's watching as Jesus' body is buried in the tomb and who later are the first to discover His resurrection.
So what is your personal response to Jesus: praise, denial, false accusation, abandonment, watchful waiting? Has your response changed through time? As we heard on Good Friday, Jesus demands a response!
This is a good day to respond in humble acceptance of the price He paid to restore us to the Father...completing the work of Creation by repairing the breach we all have experienced in our nature.
Joyous Easter with thanks for the success of our Savior!
Rob Smith

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