Friday, July 11, 2014

a different way of living

Romans chapter 12 shows the way to a new and refreshing way to live. It starts by encouraging us to lay our lives before God and allow him to transform our minds...our way of thinking. This amounts to change from the inside out. It is as though our final development is spiritual completion to accompany our physical maturity. This transformed mind leads to transformed behavior, according to the chapter. We begin with an honest self appraisal that acknowledges both strengths and weaknesses. We realize that our strengths have been given us to help others and our weaknesses are opportunities for others to help us. There is joy in finding our unique strengths and gifts because then we can apply them in service and in giving there is the greatest of satisfactions and the finding of personal meaning and the fulfillment of God's personal design for each of us. The chapter is very clear that this is how we find love, meaning and purpose.
Rob Smith

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