Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the race

Last night I watched a number of races at my grandkids' swim meet.  I had to watch them because I was helping "time" the races.  There were dozens of races for kids from about age 4 through high school and the kids were really into it.  They were focused as they approached the starting blocks and riveted on plunging in and moving down their lanes as fast as they could.  The very youngest children were very dear as they struggled to complete the length of the pool and had to hang on to the lane dividers at times to rest.  I thought about the race that each of us is in each day.  It occurred that in our race, just as with the swimmers last night, there is more than one goal.  There is the race we have with ourselves, to improve our times.  And there is the race we have with others outside of ourselves.  We are motivated by both.  We really can't control how the others around us perform and we don't even know, necessarily who they will be.  But we can do something about how we perform.  Just as the individual swimmer uses practice to refine his or her stroke and build up endurance, so we can work on our attitudes and practices of faith.  As we approach the starting blocks today I wonder if we can remember to be as focused as the kids last night, who concentrated on their lanes, their technique and giving their all.  I am confident that the Lord is just that focused on each of our lives!
Rob Smith

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