Monday, September 8, 2014


Being amazed is a rare and exciting idea. Certainly the impact of Jesus on individual lives is amazing and was amazing when Jesus walked the earth. In the Gospel of Mark we see the word "amazed" a few times in chapter 6 alone. When Jesus was preaching in the synagogue of his hometown the folks who had seen him grow up couldn't get over the wisdom and knowledge he had. They knew him as the son of a carpenter, with blue collar background just like they had. Somehow their amazement didn't lead to a positive outcome. Because they couldn't explain logically or naturally where Jesus had gotten his power from they turned negative and bitter. And because of their unbelief Jesus was unable to do the kind of ministry he had been able to do in the midst of strangers in other places. The second time "amazed" shows up it is Jesus who is amazed!! Verse 6 tells us "And he was amazed at their unbelief." In our lives the natural and logic of our day to day experiences gives us a sense of understanding that is useful but we need to be careful to allow the Lord to break into our natural experience with supernatural intervention. If we are not open to Heaven we remain captive to our familiar Earth.
Rob Smith

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