Monday, September 29, 2014

Who do you say I am?

It is easy to see yourself as one small part of a big crowd. And when it comes to the Lord, it may be easy to get lost in "crowd think". You may find yourself following one crowd or another when it comes to your feelings and beliefs about God. Jesus challenged the Disciples when he asked them: ""But who do you say I am"? in Mark, chapter 8:29. At some point we need to answer that question on a personal level. After we evaluate the evidence of Jesus' miracles and His fulfillment of prophecy and after we allow his words to work deep inside us..."Who do we say that he is, from our personal conviction?" We have to move away from the crowds and draw near to Jesus to allow him to reach us in a personal way before we can say with Peter, "You are the Messiah!"
Rob Smith

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