Tuesday, October 7, 2014

God's point of view

Jesus reprimanded Peter, saying "Get away from me, Satan!", after Peter had just reprimanded Jesus for telling the disciples that He would be killed and then rise from the dead after three days (Mark, chapter 8:32). And then Jesus followed those words with, "You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God's." Two things seem interesting about this to me: first, it strikes me that 'seeing things from a human point of view' is probably what I do just about all the time!! Secondly, apparently it is possible to see things from God's point of view somehow! Then Jesus followed this up with a teaching that apparently conveys just what God's point of view is when it comes to our lives. In verses 34-38 he addresses both our human point of view about our lives and God's intention for our lives as follows: (1) To follow Jesus you cannot also follow your selfish desires, (2) If you make your own life the center of your purpose, you will
only lose that life and your purpose. If you make Jesus and His life the center of your life, you will find purpose, (3) If you make the acquisition of things and wealth and power the purpose of your life, when you die there will be no lasting benefit. If you make Jesus and His message the central purpose of your life you will enjoy the eternal approval of God and there will be eternal benefit.
It's all in your point of view!
Rob Smith

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