Friday, October 31, 2014

the gift of life

Today is Halloween, a holiday that originally was intended to honor believers in Christ who have moved on to Heaven. Somehow the day has become more centered on "death" than "life" over time, but it really is a celebration of eternal life. I was thinking about the "gift of life" this morning. A friend from church recently experienced a stroke and is, at least temporarily, without some feeling on one side. I was reminded of the uncertainty of our time on the each day is a gift and we have no physical claim on tomorrow. I considered the complexity of our each of us is really a walking miracle...just to be alive. This led me to consider the One who gave each of us life, and who offers eternal life to all who will transfer trust from self to Him. And then I realized that I can be a "giver of life" as well. I can give this life back to Him...dedicated to the One who formed me, who holds it all together and who marks the division between earth and eternity.
John 6:48 (Jesus speaking) Yes, I am the bread of life!...Anyone who eats the bread from heaven...will never die.
Rob Smith

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