Tuesday, October 21, 2014

too much chocolate

I love M&M's.  When I have a hankering for M&M's and they are available I tend to over-indulge.  It occurred to me, though, that it's really the first several M&M's that taste best.  After that, when the chocolate hunger has been met, they just become a sweet blob (but that doesn't usually stop me from having a few more!).  I'm not sure if I can classify the "chocolate hunger" as a valid need but I am reminded that something similar happens with other hungers and appetites we have.  Whether we have a need for food, shelter, clothing, vacation, or anything physical/material.....the greatest satisfaction takes place when the actual need is met.  It's just that we tend to overshoot meeting the need.  And we tend to overvalue the thing that fills the need.  So, if it takes money to buy things that meet our needs we may tend to overshoot the value we place on money, which leads us to overshoot the priority money has in our ambition and thinking.
It seems like the greatest aspect of needs being met takes place at that point where the actual need is satisfied (like the first few M&M's).  When we invite the Lord into the picture (or recognize that He is already in the picture) we realize that He is the one who satisfies the actual needs of our lives.  When we focus on appreciation for actual needs being met then we value Him more than the thing that meets the need.
And that beats a whole bag of M&M's (whether peanut or plain!).
Psalm 63:5 You satisfy me more than the richest feast.  I will praise you with songs of joy.
Rob Smith

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