Monday, November 3, 2014

hidden treasure

Who hasn't been excited by stories of hidden treasure?  Even today we hear of shipwrecks that are discovered with ancient cargoes of gold coins, worth millions.  Some enjoy searching for artifacts, coins and jewelry on the beaches, using metal detectors.  Others give themselves to innovations, enterprises and empires that can attract, produce or control sizable treasure.  And how exciting is the idea of a "treasure map"?  Finding instructions that will guide you, step by step, to a treasure chest deep within an old mine...or cave...or buried next to an old tree...this is the stuff of many old movies and legends.
But it occurred to me yesterday that there is a treasure hidden with you!  It is the treasure of your personal life!  You have been given the gift of life and the treasure comes from associating your individual life with the One who is the giver of life.  The treasure is not your own.  You did not originate, develop, design, manufacture or discover life.  Your treasure-life was given to you by the living God.  Just as buried treasure does no good as long as it is buried, so your life treasure does not realize its potential until the treasure chest of your heart is opened and the treasure revealed and then the treasure is appreciated as its brilliance shines in His reflection, and then its worth is demonstrated in its use.
We each have choice over how our personal treasure will be used.  It can remain buried, like ancient treasure chests in sunken ships, or we can find the treasure within using God's treasure map...His Word!  This map will lead us to our personal treasure...the treasure that finds its true worth only when restored to the One who placed it within!
Psalm 119:162  I rejoice in your words like one who discovers a great treasure.
blessings from a fellow treasure hunter,
Rob Smith

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