Tuesday, December 2, 2014

passing it on

We get so busy in life with all of our daily responsibilities and routines that it can be helpful to pause and consider the big picture once in a while. When all is said and done what would we like our lives to count for? When we are long gone will there be any lasting impact from our lives? Having just celebrated Thanksgiving we were reminded of the central place that family has in this. We had four generations around our table and it was a good reminder that family is one lasting investment of our lives, just as family members from previous generations directly impacted and shaped our lives. Our lives make a difference in the lives of others. When it comes to finding the reality of the Lord, our lives play a key role in the lives of others. The example of a life that is lived with the Lord at the center greatly impacts those around that one. And when it comes to making an impact that is lasting it is hard to think of a greater impact than "passing on" the truth of the living Lord to the next generation! And what can be more lasting than lives which begin here and continue in the light of Heaven?
Rob Smith

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