Monday, December 8, 2014


Our Chapel Choir is coming down the home stretch for our Christmas Concert series. We've been practicing since Labor Day and there is a great sense of excitement about the program this year. Many hours of preparation and practice have gone into the process. It takes many voices and a patient and skilled director to bring it together. I learned this past week that it also takes special servants who are willing to pay a high price in time and effort with no visible appearance during the actual concert. The choir has a pianist who has learned all of the music and practiced every practice with the choir but who will not be the concert pianist for the actual programs. She will be available as a backup as the actual pianist will come from out of town. We could never have learned our parts if she hadn't learned the music first. And yet she will step aside for the actual concert series. What a great picture of servanthood this is and what a fine example of how the body is meant to function. We come and lay our gifts before Him, like the Wise Men at the first Christmas. Sometimes those gifts are not even seen by others but they contribute in important ways. Our desire is that the Lord who has given all the gifts would be glorified and pleased as they are raised to Him.
And we are especially thankful for our pianist, who has served all the hours of practice and willingly steps aside. The Lord sees it all and surely smiles!
Matthew 23:11 The greatest among you must be a servant.
Rob Smith

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