Monday, December 1, 2014

the skinny wire

My car is old enough to still have a cassette player.  I discovered a gadget that looks like a cassette tape but that allows my smart phone to play music through it.  This gadget has a skinny wire and a plug that connects my phone to the stereo.  The first time I used it I couldn't believe how clear and full the sound was.  First, my smart phone was pulling in the music out of the air and then sending it through a very skinny wire to the car stereo...and it came out so beautifully!  How does all that work?  And how, specifically, did all that music travel through that very skinny wire and into the car stereo?  Technology amazes me.  It also occurred to me that we are like skinny wires also.  The love of the Lord crosses the expanse of Heaven and invades our fragile hearts and minds and then travels through our skinny wire to touch others and to make music that glorifies Him.  This Christmas Season we rejoice that God invaded our world through the fragile form of a baby, who grew into a man and who continues to reach and to touch people.  We are skinny wires with the capacity to know that Lord and to carry the beautiful sound of Heaven's orchestra for a waiting world to hear.
Rob Smith

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