Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cracks in the dome

As I have been watching news reports from Washington, D.C. over the past several months I have been intrigued by the scaffolding that has been erected around the Capitol building dome.  It almost looks like a beehive or a shroud that follows the shape of the beautiful structure, but makes it look more vague and fuzzy.  It turns out that the dome hasn't been extensively renovated for 50 years.  The dome was built during the Civil War, more than 150 years ago, of iron.  Now there are about 1,300 cracks and weaknesses to that iron dome due to age and weather.  Repairs are underway through a $60 million contract that they hope to complete in time for the next Presidential Inauguration in early 2017.  By the way, there are 52 miles of scaffolding involved!! The cracks in the Capitol dome seem an apt analogy for the cracks in the moral code of our country.  There are fissures in the moral core of this bastion of liberty that have resulted in breakdowns in personal behavior, family disintegration and international standing.  A Capitol dome surrounded by scaffolding presents an unclear image for our nation.  But at least repairs are being made to this symbol of our nation.  We need to work on the cracks on our individual and national character as well!  And when it comes to our personal "capitol", the part of us that determines our individual moral core we may need to erect the scaffolding of the Lord for repairs to the cracks that may not be visible from a distance, but that are damaging on closer inspection.
Psalm 60:2 You have shaken our land and split it open.  Seal the cracks, for the land trembles.
Rob Smith

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