Monday, February 9, 2015

Making light of the matter...

I was thinking about the sun...I totally take the sun for granted but when I consider its importance I realize that I should be more appreciative.  It is, of course, our natural source of light and heat and without it there would be no existence here on the planet.  A little online research shows that the sun converts hydrogen into helium, making something with more mass into something with less mass and converting the difference into energy.  The core of the sun has so much gravitational pull that the hydrogen is compressed from outer portions of the core into the inner part and this pressure is what causes the change from hydrogen to helium and the release of energy.  The sun is an average star when compared to the billions of other stars out there and is considered to be about halfway through its life cycle (perhaps about 5 billion years down and 5 billion to go!).  So it is a huge bag of gas that serves as a furnace and light producer.  It throws off a lot of other energy and our atmosphere protects us from some of the harmful aspects of that energy.  As I considered this marvelous creation of the Lord I realized I hadn't thought that much about the great gravity of the sun.  It is that gravity that holds earth and the other planets in orbit and if it didn't have that strong grip we would go flying off into space.
So just as the sun is our source of light and heat, it also holds us close enough to be consistently bathed in light and warmth.  The tilt of earth's axis permits us to move through the four seasons of the year and so we measure the calendar and move through our years as we move through our solar orbit.  
The Lord is our spiritual source of light and warming love.  His strength keeps us in His presence even as we seem to freely move through our lives.  He measures our days and the seasons of our life (and we may take Him for granted just as we do the sun!).
Psalm 136:7-8 Give thanks to him who made the heavenly lights-His faithful love endures forever.  The sun to rule the day, His faithful love endures forever.
Rob Smith

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