Saturday, March 14, 2015

in two worlds

  I was thinking about the perspective of widows and widowers, especially those who had been married for a long time.  They have experienced the closest of human relationships for most of their lives and then lost their life partner to the inevitable doorway of death.  They have journeyed together with their life partner from young adulthood, with all of its uncertainty and challenges, through child rearing (talk about challenges) and its blessings.  They have faced major and minor decisions on a daily basis with their spouse and so much of life has been colored by that closest of relationships.  They have faced the uncertainty and unknown of the future together and then coped with reality as it unfolded.  And then one has moved on to the next dimension of life, beyond this earthly one, and the other remains.  And so the surviving spouse lives with one foot on earth and one with the hope of Heaven very real in his or her mind.  You might say that they truly are living in two worlds and the reality of Heaven is all the more defined for them.  
3 John 1:14  I hope to see you soon, and we will talk together face to face.
Rob Smith 

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