Friday, March 20, 2015

It starts with warmth

We are about to officially start the season of Spring!  It doesn't feel like it today because it is chilly and rainy...but we have had hints of the new season.  A few days ago the temperature nearly brushed 80.  On that day, as I stepped out of the office, it was pure comfort to be outside.  Spring is the season of new flowers, new branches and leaves.  It is the season when we remember how Jesus gave His life to bring us new life as well.  But before we see the new growth on plants and before the lawns have begun growing and lawn mowers begin humming...we start with warmth.  There is something  about the quality of the sunlight at this point in the year.  It even begins to warm our cars through the windows, unlike the winter sun.  Good things start to happen when the atmosphere begins to warm up.  Good things happen in our lives when we draw near to the warmth of the Savior's presence and good things start to take place when we warm our relationships with others with acts of love.  The season of our life can move from winter to starts with warmth.
Job 38:27
Who sends rain to satisfy the parched ground and makes the tender grass spring up?
Rob Smith

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