Friday, March 6, 2015

Season of anticipatio

  I love each season, especially as it begins.  The change is exciting and welcome when it comes.  I think spring is the most anticipated season, as we escape the harshness of winter and the whole world rediscovers life, color and warmth.  It occurred to me that, even during winter, there is a season  of anticipation.  While we still brave frosty air and icy roads we have a sense of expectation that spring is coming.  That season of anticipation helps carry us through winter, knowing that spring is just ahead.
Seasons are a metaphor for life and we move through stages of life very much as we do through seasons of the year.  One difference, though, is that we have never been to the next season of life before.  Our season of anticipation in life must come through what we have observed of others who have gone before us...and from the promises that God gives us.  Will we anticipate the next season in fear, or faith?  It is encouraging to remember that the one who knew all of our days before the first one had been lived will accompany us through every season of this life and the glorious eternal season of being directly in His presence, when all the seasons of the year and of our lives here have moved on.
Psalm 104:19
You made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to set.
Rob Smith

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