Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fw: making the road

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When they build a road they often have to cut down through hilly terrain and build up low spots to make a grade that is acceptable for vehicles.  The picture today shows how much had to be cut through to make the simple gravel and clay road I have been walking in the morning.  A lot of dirt had to be moved out of the way.  A lot of trees had to be cut down and carted off.  Then bulldozers and road graders and gravel spreaders had to come through.  And this is all for a backwoods road that might see a dozen cars and trucks pass each day.
Our lives are like a road that the Lord wants to travel down.  He needs to cut down some things and remove some things and level some things and improve the surface a He can travel through our personalities.  For He has work to do in and through us!  No wonder we feel a bit bruised at times in the process of our road construction!
Isaiah 57:14 Someone says: "Build, build!  Make a road!  Clear the way, remove the rocks from the road my people will travel"

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