Sunday, May 3, 2015

horse and rider

  We enjoyed watching the Kentucky Derby yesterday.  Amazing attention by millions provided for a few minutes of action... As I observed and reflected on the race, it occurred first to me that there are two athletes in every entry, the horse and the jockey.  Everyone bets on the horse because he is the engine that powers around the track but the jockey is a vital part too...otherwise they'd just let the horses run by themselves.  It takes the team of horse and rider.  And the horse will only have one opportunity to win a Kentucky Derby, while the jockey goes on to have more chances on other mounts.  In many ways it must be the jockey that makes the difference.  His experience, knowledge of the horse and knowledge of the track are crucial to victory. 
The second thing I noticed after the race is the importance of other people.  There is an owner of the horse who has taken a chance and invested much money to develop a winner and there is a trainer, who has worked tirelessly to know the horse and draw out the maximum of its ability.  Maybe some rough parallels can be drawn to our spiritual lives.  God is like the owner of our lives...our souls...He has reached out in grace to take us into His stable because He sees the undeveloped potential.  Jesus is something like the trainer, who comes down to the stable and lays his life down that we might find our identity as a true race horse.  The jockey is like the Holy Spirit, who is so close to us that he is one with us.  We only run this earthly race once but He knows the track, what is ahead and who we are up against...and He will lead us to victory.  And so the Owner, Trainer and Jockey rejoice as the horse may just be getting a sense of the magnitude of things and as millions in the Heavens observe and rejoice as well.
Judges 5:22 Then the horses' hooves pounded, The galloping, galloping of his steeds.
Rob Smith

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