Thursday, June 11, 2015

why there are stars

So very far away...
Are night stars in galaxies.
Thousands of dots, that shine in the night
Beyond the sky, pinpricks of light.
Humbling us here on this ball of clay,
Rivers of jewels, a true milky way.
Why all the stars, so far away?
The reason for stars (in millions they say)
To teach the lesson of night become day.
No matter how vast the blackness of space,
Stars give us hope that light finds a way.
Crossing the miles...crossing light years...
Our God shines on and on, dispelling our fears.
Black is the night, incredibly vast...
But even this shroud is greatly surpassed,
With diamonds of energy, prisms of fire,
that burn on for ages...
by Heaven inspired.
There's light in the darkness!
That's what the stars say.
And in the night seasons,
We're reminded, "He'll stay!".

Psalm 147:4 He counts the stars and calls them all by name
Rob Smith

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