Monday, March 28, 2016

moon in the mist

Sometimes our walk in life is like the "moon in the mist".  That's the way the moon appeared to me this morning down by the pond.  We'd had a day of rain on Easter and now the ground was giving back the moisture to the sky in fog and mist.  The three-quarter moon peered eerily through the partially shrouded sky like a detective's flashlight looking for clues in a damp basement.  The heavy air felt close and I was reminded of the nearness of the Lord.  It occurred to me that on the day after Easter that it was good to reflect on the 'other purpose' of Jesus' resurrection.  It seems clear the primary purpose was to conquer remove the final barrier between our temporary earthly lives and life forever.  The Cross had meant payment for my sin and the cave releasing Jesus to life meant we also are released from sin's penalty of death.  But the resurrection also meant that Jesus was now available to be with us all, across the world, across the generations.  No longer constrained to the limits of an earthly body He was launched to reach us and dwell even within us in spirit.
And we, too, are resurrected to new life as we trust in Him.  Not just saved from sin's curse...not just escaping hell...but saved for His fulfilled plan within.  Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun...even through heavy mist and we can reflect the Son even through the fog of earthly living.  We can do this because He was raised from the dead, to raise us also, and then to dwell within and shine through to others.  Sometimes the mist and fog can clarify.
Job 26:He covers the face of the full moon
    and spreads over it his cloud.
Rob Smith

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