Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fw: beauty in the weeds

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Weeds aren't beautiful, of course.  They are some kind of plague to a well manicured yard.  But the simple beauty of the pictured roadside weed that I saw this morning had a positive message to me.  Although this plant was totally random and not planted by any human hand it was actually pretty.  As I looked more closely I saw that it had little blossoms with several pure white petals surrounding bright yellow centers.  It occurred to me that what appeared to be random beauty was actually the intentional handiwork of the Creator.  There is beauty from His hand in unexpected places.  We are so busy traveling down the road that we may not notice some of this random beauty by the roadside.  We may feel that we, ourselves, are little more than a roadside weed.  But when you consider that each of us was fashioned and planted by His road it may encourage to realize that He looks on and sees beauty as He walks by.
Numbers 24:Like palm groves that stretch afar,
    like gardens beside a river,
like aloes that the Lord has planted,
    like cedar trees beside the waters.
Rob Smith

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