Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Much is said about "leadership" and far less is said about "following well".  In 2 Timothy, Paul emphasizes to his young disciple that following well is a key to leadership.  Verse 10 commends Timothy for following Paul's 'teaching, conduct, aim in life, faith, patience, love and steadfastness'.  Disciplines of a healthy spiritual life that reflect what we feed on in our hearts and minds, what we do with our energy and time, and the attitudes we bring that help us succeed for the advancement of God's Kingdom...that's what Paul is emphasizing.  We need a model to follow and to realign with daily because we tend to drift away.  And the promise for following well: persecution!  Clearly the apostle is teaching his disciple that we are on foreign soil, doing battle with an enemy on his turf.  But Paul also encourages Timothy, reminding him in verse 11 "...which persecutions I endured, yet from them all the Lord rescued me."
Are you following well?  It is the first step before you can lead.
Rob Smith

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