Saturday, July 4, 2015

two body shops

  I love riding through the country and past small towns in rural areas.  Yesterday, Shirley and I enjoyed a brief excursion through Gloucester and Mathews and saw some beautiful country and great views of the Chesapeake Bay too.  One scene caught my attention as a study in contrasts.  Somewhere along the way an auto body shop was located next door to a funeral home.  Immediately I was struck with the interesting contrast and comparison.  Really we were looking at two kinds of body for cars and one for people.  The cars are not nearly as important as the people but the results coming from the auto body shop generally are damaged cars that are restored and returned to their drivers.  The result coming from the body shop for people is not as favorable.  These bodies of ours are just amazing.  They handle untold numbers of bumps, bruises and even breakages during a lifetime and we have medical people and hospitals to patch us up and help us get back on the road.  But there comes a time when the old chassis just gives out and the body needs to be prepared to return to the earth, while the spirit moves on.
Two kinds of body shop side by side.  Sometimes we need the dents hammered out and a new coat of finish applied and sometimes the body has run its course.  But all will be well as we trust in the ultimate owner of all the body shops!
Rob Smith

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