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Fw: Blessed are the poor

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Matthew 5:3 "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
One way of knowing what country you are in is to look at the currency of that place.  There generally is a picture of one of the sovereign rulers stamped or printed on the paper or metal money.  To be poor in that country is to have very little of that fact to be poor means not having enough to meet your needs.
If your country is the country of the "spirit" that means the most important place you consider home is not a geographical location at all because there is no currency or coin that can buy things of the spirit or meet the needs of the spirit.  The spirit is the inner, eternal part of every person that starts life here but eventually transitions to the spiritual realm for eternity.  The one who makes this realm their place of residence has planted their flag in that place that exists outside the reach of a GPS system and beyond the measure of any clock or calendar.
And the one who makes this realm their home and realizes they are poor...that is they don't have what is needed on their own to live in a forever place...have made Heaven their kingdom.  And when Heaven is your kingdom to dwell within, then God is your King and you are ready to receive the mercy and grace He would provide to satisfy your poverty.
And so you are and shall be Blessed!
Rob Smith

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