Sunday, August 31, 2008

Filling Space

In a sense, every day is a blank slate.  As each day progresses some kind of message will be written or recorded to mark that day.  That message may be one of fear or hope, victory or defeat, encouragement or despair.  We play a role in the message that is written on the day of other folks, too.  We can assist or avoid, berate or buoy, and help or hinder those around us.  And every day is a fresh chance for these things to happen.  I am reminded that just as each day represents great openness for different kinds of experience, so there are many ways in which there is space to fill in our lives.  There is outer space and inner space.  Of course there is the outer space beyond earth's atmosphere and there is inner space within our vast oceans.  But I think the more important spaces are the space outside our personal lives that fall between us and the world around us and the space inside our hearts and minds where we connect with ourselves and with our God.  I believe that God specializes in filling space better than we can.  Left to ourselves, we often fill the emptiness inside and outside our lives with junk and we can feel cluttered like an overstuffed attic.  But we have the privilege of allowing the Lord into our inner space.  He seems to be effective at cleaning the attic, reordering what remains and adding beauty.  It seems that when we allow Him to redecorate our inner space, we begin to see and to affect the outer space differently too. 
It's not that our lives are empty so much as how we choose to fill them!
Psalm 107:9 For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness.
Rob Smith

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