Monday, August 4, 2008

nonspecific symptoms

Have you ever had a general sense of malaise; a sickness that couldn't be clearly identified but that produced vague symptoms of being unwell?  Perhaps there was a low grade fever, lethargy, general lack of energy? You just didn't feel right.  Apparently there are about 57 illnesses that can start that way and even vague symptoms should be checked out medically.  It struck me that many of us carry "nonspecific symptoms" of feeling unwell throughout the day on the spiritual level.  For some reason a general sense of fear and worry can fall over us like a morning fog and we can move through the hours of our experience with a background sense of dread.  As believers in the Lord Jesus, this ought not to be.  I think we need to stake a claim each morning that we belong to the risen Savior, we have been (past tense) delivered from sin's dominion and there is no reason why we shouldn't throw off the shroud of "nonspecific fear" and embrace joy.  If we start our day by acknowledging our absolute dependence on Him and also acknowledge our absolute inability to see what lies ahead or to control the day's events, we may find ourselves walking in rest rather than paralyzed by doubt.  We are the Lord's and it is good to be reminded that He wants to walk with us in a very specific way!
Matthew 28:20 (part) "I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen
Rob Smith

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