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Fw: wages and gifts

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Romans 6:
23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Life and all boils down to two dimensions. It seems that there are unlimited choices...unlimited avenues...many pathways.  But during our natural lives we have a limited period of time to discover the key to true life...eternal life.  Consider the millions of people who have walked the earth and moved on.  And then consider how rarely you reflect on the brevity of your own life.  You too will "move on".  But where will you move on to?  Are you content to leave that to chance?  Are you content to deny your mortality?
We like to think we can earn our way to life but we cannot.  We must humbly accept life as a gift.  This makes sense.  We did not earn our way into this life to begin with.  It has always been a gift.  As Paul states in the book of Romans the only thing we can earn on our own is death.  Sometimes it is hard to accept a gift.  But that is the only way to find true, eternal life.  The only wise choice is to accept the gift Christ purchased for you.
Rob Smith 

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