Thursday, October 10, 2013

this rock cries out

This rock cries out,
"Oh, look please see,
The King rides past,
...made you and me!"
- - - -
This clay will speak,
"Soon I'll return to dirt,
but can't you see?'
this Spirit of Christ,
has brought me life!"
- - - -
How brief our time on fashioned land,
Then on we'll fly to Heaven's band.
- - - -
But we must cry with all our force
Can you not see the one true Lord?
- - - -
This rock, this clay knows little it's true.
But this one thing: to be known of You!
- - - -
(Dedicated to all the other rocks out there who have come to know that You are the Lord of all and You are the Lord of each of our lives!)
- - - -
love and blessings,
Rob Smith

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