Friday, February 14, 2014

the king's friend

The book of 1 Chronicles goes into great detail about the organization of King David's government. Thousands of men are assigned specific areas of responsibility. Starting with the Temple there were whole families assigned as priests. Many others were gatekeepers of the Temple. Still thousands more were assigned as musicians for the Lord's house. Then there were the armies in 24,000 man divisions that took monthly assignments to serve the king. Additionally, each of the twelve tribes that formed the households of Israel had a leader assigned. Then there were men assigned to tend the king's fields, his grapes, his animals, his treasuries.
But at the end of naming all the positions for thousands to fill in David's kingdom was this assignment in chapter 27, verse 33 "Ahithophel was the royal adviser. Hushai the Arkite was the king's friend."
For the king to continue to rule with such awesome responsibilities he needed total commitment to the Lord but he also needed some special human help. He needed a trusted adviser and he needed a friend. I believe that this is true today. To keep our personal ships on course we need to have our gyrocompass fixed on God and we need trustworthy counsel and we need the love and support of friends, with whom we can be transparent. All of us need direction, accountability and encouragement...just like David!
Rob Smith

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